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 Pickle Juice® offers muscle cramping relief without actual pickles

Pickle Juice's® research-backed proprietary blend of acetic acid and natural ingredients was developed to relieve muscle cramping quickly, while tasting like pickles without having anything "to do with pickles", Filip Keuppens, the company's EVP, explained to FoodNavigator-USA during the Natural Products Expo earlier this month. 

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 The Pickle Juice® Company Announces Canadian Expansion

Pickle Juice®, the pioneers of the all-natural way to stay hydrated and stop muscle cramps, is pleased to announce an aggressive retail expansion plan for the Canadian market, providing easier access to a growing market.

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The Pickle Paradox: Pickle Juice® or Pickle Brine?

Pickle Juice® has solidified its status as an essential pantry and gym bag staple for professional athletes to the everyday consumer. But unbeknownst to many, Pickle Juice® does not actually contain any pickles.

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Filip Keuppens, Executive Vice President of Pickle Juice®, joins the Leading Brands podcast to share the remarkable journey of the drink's growth, from a $250,000 revenue in 2015 to becoming the preferred choice of top athletes.

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Pickle Juice® Participates in World's Largest Pickle Party

Pickle Juice®, the pioneer in providing scientifically proven methods to prevent muscle cramps and dehydration, has announced its participation and sponsorship of the upcoming World's Largest Pickle Party, which will be held on the 11th and 12th of November at Power Plant Live! In Baltimore. 

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Business Ninjas: WriteForMe & The Pickle Juice® Company

In this episode of Business Ninjas, Filip Keuppens, Executive VP of The Pickle Juice® Company, joins Andrew to tell us why top endurance athletes choose Pickle Juice® as their go-to sports drink.

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Inside DFW: The Factory Producing the World's Pickle Juice® is in Mesquite, Texas

If you’ve ever sipped on brine from the pickle jar to prevent muscle cramps, you may think you know what goes into “pickle juice.” However,  as we learned at The Pickle Juice® Company in Mesquite,  the real Pickle Juice® doesn’t have anything to do with actual pickles.

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Pickle Juice Chaser bottles


Pickle Juice® Revolutionizes the Night Out Experience with Pickle Juice® Chaser

Pickle Juice® Chaser comes in convenient 1-liter bottles, designed specifically for the bar and beverage industry. This new addition to the Pickle Juice® family aims to be the perfect complement to any night out, and is part of the company’s expansion to reach the everyday consumer.

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Pickle Juice® 2023: Putting a Stop to Cramps

Pickle Juice's VP Filip Keuppens talked with Delivery Rank about what lies ahead in 2023 for Pickle Juice®.

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Pickle Juice® Sports Drink Fully Reviewed

You've heard all we have to say about Pickle Juice® and how awesome it is, but we know that the best testimonials come from those individuals out there living the Pickle Juice® life. Check out what people have to say about Pickle Juice® ...


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Pickle Beer Partnership

The Pickle Juice® Co. Partners With FreeTail Brewing To Launch Original Pickle Beer


COVID-19 Relief

Texas-Based Company Donates ‘Pickle Juice®’ To Healthcare Workers Fighting Pandemic 




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