Event Sponsorship

If you are hosting an event and meet the following requirements, we will be happy to review your event and do our best to offer support through providing product for your aid stations. If you are an elite level athlete interested in support, please be aware that the Pickle Juice Company, LLC, as a matter of policy, does not offer financial endorsements but will consider product sponsorship provided your sport falls within our target audience. Please also note that the Pickle Juice Company, LLC does not contract third party negotiators, offer financial compensation for vehicle wraps, social media or other forms of name branding. Any offer not directly from the Pickle Juice Company, LLC should not be accepted.

Event Requirements:

  • Agree to not serve any pickle brine or pickle flavored beverages other than Pickle Juice
  • Agree to recognize Pickle Juice as a sponsor through social media, website and (when applicable) kit presence
  • Agree to use donated product at appropriate aid stations (we do not offer “goodie bag” product)
  • Agree to pay for shipping of any donated product
  • Agree to allow Pickle Juice the right to present and sell product on site or at your Expo (where applicable) free of charge
  • Running events must exceed 15K in distance to be considered
  • Cycling events must exceed 40 miles in distance to be considered

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